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Brentuximab And C.A.P.

Brentuximab And C.A.P.

I am about to begin treatment for Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma (PTLC), stage 3. The plan is Adcetris (Brentuximab) and CAP. Has anyone has this? I understand that Adcetris is fairly new for first time lymphoma so my oncologist couldn't give me survival rates. I had colon cancer 12 years ago so I have some familiarity with chemo but, of course, every chem is different and I don't know how sick this will make me.

A MyLymphomaTeam Member said:

I just completed 8 sessions of CHOP therapy for PTCL-NOS. The survival rates weren't great but when my oncologist proposed it in November of last year, he described it as the standard of care for my disease. Today, seven weeks after my last treatment, my PET scan showed a number of small tumors, greatly reduced but not remission. My doc is suggesting another scan in a few weeks to assess rate of growth.

posted 7 days ago
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