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Hair Growth After Chemotherapy completed

Hair Growth After Chemotherapy completed

My 19 year old daughter has Hodgkin's Lymphoma (subtype Nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma) and being treated with chemotherapy - AVBD regimen. She is just completing cycle 4 and has 2 more cycles to go. A major trauma for her has been the loss of her hair. It represents the whole cruelty and randomness of this disease and the absolute disruption of her life. A big question for her is what will her hair look like after it grows back. I want to reassure her, and I want to… read more

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A MyLymphomaTeam Member said:

I will assume that your hair will come back as everyone else I have talked to. First of all my wife was upset about loosing her hair when she was… read more

posted 23 days ago
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