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How Do You Feel After R CHOP For Large B Cell Lymphoma. How Low Have Your Blood Counts Gone? Thanks.

How Do You Feel After R CHOP For Large B Cell Lymphoma. How Low Have Your Blood Counts Gone? Thanks.

A MyLymphomaTeam Member said:

Hi! I have/had DLBCL stage IV and was diagnosed in October of 2020. I had 6 treatments of RCHOP. I finished in February of 2021. I've been in remission for about nine months now. I lost weight and was down to 119lbs after treatment. I've tried to eat well and have gained 20lbs. I also walk daily in my house, I've made up a route. I walk and pray. After RCHOP I still felt weak and fatigued. I still get tired around 7pm at night. My blood count of my neutrophils and wbc went very low. My lymphocytes also were very low. I was told by my Oncologist that my lymphocytes could take up to a yr to get back to normal. The low normal number is 1 and I am at .81 at my last lab. It is and was very frustrating after RCHOP with the fatigue. I wanted to get right back to normal. But I was told it could take 6 mos to a yr. I have good days of feeling like my old self and some days are rougher still. I don't know if I'll ever feel totally like myself again but I'm blessed to be alive! My hair has come back curly! And it used to be super thick but now it's about half the thickness. But again, I praise God daily for hair. I think and know after RCHOP you have to have patience. (Something before lymphoma I didn't have) Your body will come back around. It just takes time to heal after the war it's been through. I hope my answer helps in some way and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I hope you have a good day! Kelly

posted 5 months ago
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