Acceptance: Realigning Expectations and Extending Grace to Ourselves

Posted on April 18, 2019

"But that's not the way it's supposed to be!" is a common thing we say when our expectations fall short. It happens to all of us. Some members of MyLymphomaTeam have found the practice of "allowing and letting be" in the midst of a trying time to be a way to minimize anxiety or disappointment.

Mindfulness experts suggest a few ways that we can notice -- not push away -- how we feel during difficult moments. There may be physical responses (heaviness in the shoulders, tightness in the chest) as well as emotional responses (blame, self-doubt, exasperation) to disappointment that we can notice without responding to. Noticing these sensations without reacting can be opportunities to realign our expectations and extend grace to ourselves.

Here are recent conversations from MyLymphomaTeam members:

"Hello to all!! I'm not sure why I didn't discover this place sooner but I'm glad that I did! I hope everyone out there is having a good day."

"Had a great day! Spent the afternoon with my wife and twin grandkids. Then out to dinner with the twins and with their mom and dad. Makes you enjoy life and the people you are with!"

"Glad I found this site! We have no support groups where I live, or for the type of cancer I have. It'll be nice to be able to talk to people going through the same things I have & continue to each day!"

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