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Reoccurrences Have You Heard Of R And R ?
A MyLymphomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

Cancer port
Our son needed every other month Rituxan or Rhituximab and it saved his life
Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma

posted July 25, 2019 (edited)
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A MyLymphomaTeam Member

I had my port removed today. I have NED. No Evidence of Disease. At this point I am cured. It has been a long 7 years.

posted August 26, 2019
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

I’m in remission (1 month) but Dr is still having me do Rhituximab every 3 months.

posted November 17, 2019
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

I’ve had the same treatment with R-CHOP plus Methotrexate. I had 6 sessions in the hospital for the methotrexate level to get to 0.1 so I could go home. I had no nausea. I was tired and still am

posted August 25, 2019
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

I'm getting Rituxan and Methotrexate every other week as an inpatient--a week on and a week off for primary CNS lymphoma (brain). This will be for 16 weeks total (8 sessions). I've had 1 treatment so far, scheduled for my 2nd one next week. I just had some fatigue and decreased appetite--not really any other symptoms.

posted August 9, 2019
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

I am on same schedule. I still have a year and half to go .what are your side effects ? I have a rash on my face and head and heat makes it worse .also stomach upset a lot .

posted July 26, 2019

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