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I Have Mantle T Lymphoma
A MyLymphomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

4 cycle of chemo Pet scan came back clean I'm in remission Still have to do 2 more cycles Then was told treatment every 2 month but not chemo Also was recommend stem cell trans plant Does anyone know if the stem cell trans plant is a must or is there other treatment to stay in remission

posted September 20, 2021
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A MyLymphomaTeam Member

Me too and rechop
Stemcell transplant
Spent all most a mouth in the hospital. Because
Of immunity problems.

posted October 24, 2021
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

I have a t cell lymphoma (2020) and had an auto stem cell transplant 2021) although was in remission because my cancer is so aggressive. Starting 10 more cycles of Adcetris every 3 weeks for total of 17 tomorrow. Get 2 different consults from stem cell transplant doctors if you are questioning rationale for transplant vs. Just more chemo.

posted September 29, 2021
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

did the cancer come back? if so how long after remission

posted September 21, 2021
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

I tried my own auto stem cell transplant but didn't work so had to do more chemotherapy

posted September 21, 2021

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