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My Friend, Who Is 85 Years Old, Has Recently Been Diagnosed With Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. She Doesn't Feel Like Doing Anything
A MyLymphomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

and takes no interest in anything or anyone. She simply complains of being tired and having no energy all the time. I am trying my best to keep her spirits up but nothing works. She can't concentrate or register anything and becomes very frustrated. She doesn't want to talk about anything to do with her diagnosis and believes that her fatigue is simply a symptom of old age. I am really struggling and worried for her as she lives on her own with no help. She is very independent by nature… read more

posted November 18
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A MyLymphomaTeam Member

Hi, I’m in remission since 2021 , I’m 75 and just like your friend I’m very independent and live alone. I am still extremely fatigue having no energy at all even after treatment…I blame myself for being lazy and old age and have being quite depressed even though my daughter kept encouraging me to stay in bed and rest. I’m in therapy now for depression and taking low dosage of Prozac , my therapist stressed I have to have compassion for myself and allowing my body to heal. I can understand your friend’s circumstances, she is lucky to have your support. Encourage her to seek therapy or start praying and have faith, I’m now counting my blessing for every giving day and I do write gratitude journal or just list a few items to be thankful each night before going to bed. Hope this will help her. Not easy but we can do it with God’s guidance.

posted November 18 (edited)
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

I am 77 and my lymphoma and the chemo have depleted my energy. If she has completed chemo and is in remission, she may not be getting essential vitamins and minerals due to a poor diet. It is hard to eat well when you live alone and and are too tired to cook. Is she eligible for meals on wheels? Does she have children or other relatives who can help her? If not, will she let you talk to her doctors? She might be depressed and medication may help. You are a wonderful friend for wanting to help her. I hope she will let you.

posted November 19

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