Feet Are Numb, Nuerpothy? I Was Given Xanax For Sleep. In 2012 1.5 .It's Not Working. Lack Sleep Bad For Cancer? 48 60 Hours In A Row? | MyLymphomaTeam

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Feet Are Numb, Nuerpothy? I Was Given Xanax For Sleep. In 2012 1.5 .It's Not Working. Lack Sleep Bad For Cancer? 48 60 Hours In A Row?

A MyLymphomaTeam Member asked a question 💭

XANAX was given in 2012. 1.5 I cannot taper and cannot sleep. This is bad for cancer? No restorative deep sleep for a year now. No Doctors want to work with me. What to do?
Brain receptor damage??
My cancer IgM is rising to 800 from 250 now. 6 months ago, I expect 1600
next visit Wednesday.

posted July 6
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A MyLymphomaTeam Member

Lyrica pills help me with my leg and feet pain. Take one after my evening meal.
Hope you manage to sleep better soon..it must be so difficult not getting sleep.

I wake up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. Sleeping with a cat that wants to sleep on top of you or where your feet wants to be, also doesn't help! At least the poodle sleeps next to me, not on my side.
So tired in the mornings, often in bed until 9/10 am.
Not having to go to work is a blessing.

posted July 6
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

I went to a neurologist one year ago for neuropathy and that’s how I was diagnosed with NHL as he ran a lymphoma detection test. Just the soles of my feet but, yes, disturbing. I use Nervine cream. I am on Alprazolam (Xanax) for Bipolar I anxiety and am working with my doctor to discontinue and replace with a non-benzodiazepine medication. I have gone from 1mg twice a day to .50 mg in the AM and .25 at bedtime. I have been comfortable lowering gradually. Working with your physician to taper off is an option and ask if you can replace it with one of the newer anti anxiety medications that do not affect your central nervous system but control serotonin receptor neurons. Walking in shoes designed for comfort (I often use moccasins) helps my neuropathy. Take care!

posted July 6
A MyLymphomaTeam Member
posted July 8
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

That’s great that you have a journal. I think if the Alprazolam helped you, maybe ask your psychiatrist for another substitute for anxiety that will not remain in your system as long. I have been prescribed for many years and reducing is doable at this point but my doctor addressed my concerns about addiction, saying that a medication working to successfully alleviate issues is not the same. Nevertheless, I moved and am with a new doctor so asked if we could work to replace the medication. I am experiencing anxiety at the moment waiting to hear about results from upper gastrointestinal MRI but am able to continue on the lower dose. Everyone is different of course. Keep strong. ♥️

posted July 7
A MyLymphomaTeam Member

Me too thank goodness . No worries about work, although I loved it. Airline guy, got to fly all over the world. Worked a ton since 15 years old...retired in 2010 early at 48. Wife was a nurse. Lucky me. She retired, too. I'm hoping to get off Xanax and sleep well. That's the key for me. Im 100 percent sure. Restorative deep stage 3 n 4 Sleep fixes all my issues always..Doctor was very unprofessional, leaving me in it. I had no clue till a year ago..started reading reports research studies talking online in chatrooms...how benzodiazapine Is like alcohol or heroin..it's huge crisis...I workout 30 to 45 minutes daily. Unless I'm just wiped out. Kept a journal for 4 years' now.. daily
Scale 1 to 10 etc aches, pains, workouts, drugs Im taking which is not much... Tramadol for nuerpothy, some days a blood pressure pill 1 mg every other day .. an allergy pill otc....my low numbers 2 3 4 and 5s alway accompany bad or no sleep.
Our kitty sleeps in her little bed by the sunroom, Lol
Thank you again..❤️

posted July 6

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